Bravo’s Below Deck featuring Erica Rose and Cindi Rose

Reality TV Royalty Mingle for the Benefit of Sea and Land Animals – as featured in CKW Luxe Magazine 

A viewing party of a Bravo’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht hit TV show does double duty as a fundraiser

Shubhra Ramineni, Chef Natasha De Bourg, Erica Rose
Dr. Franklin Rose, chef Natasha de Bourg, Cindi-Rose
Dr. Franklin Rose, chef Natasha de Bourg, Cindi-Rose
Cindi Rose and Jacqueline Lebow Smooke
Nissi Hamilton, Tracy Faulkner
Shehla Rana, Parissa Mohajer, Mahzad Mohajer
Shandra Powe, Cindi Rose
Jennifer Etter, Joan Lebow, Jennifer Larsen
Halhe Rugg, Priscilla Santiago, Ali Moj, Sayure Cotter
Cheryl Haseeb, Hilda Banegas, Jamie Ferraro, Zac Clausen
Scott Gilda, Sommer Bukowski
Chapman & Ashley Mannschreck
Amanda & Philip Racusin
Erica Rose and husband Charles Sanders
Kelly Anzilotti, Lina Matar
Jennifer Etter, Rickilynn Gardner, Susan Mobley

Photo Credits: Quy Tran & Cindi Rose

The Celebration

On May 17, 2021, Leon’s Lounge was the site of a lively viewing party for Bravo’s popular Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Croatia. Hosted by the historic speakeasy’s owner, Scarlett Yarborough, the event benefited sea and land animals. Jacqueline Smooke, Joan Lebow, and Tracy Faulkner chaired the nautical-themed soirée. Among the celebrity guests were Houston’s own Erica Rose and Cindi Rose and cast member celebrity chef Natasha de Bourg who was flown in from Trinidad for the event by the Roses. Erica Rose is an attorney and a former cast member of The Bachelor and a current cast member of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Croatia along with Natasha, and world-famous silhouette artist Cindi Rose is a former cast member of Married to Medicine.

​The Story

While sipping signature cocktails and nibbling beautiful bites, partygoers dressed in their seafaring and mermaid best-enjoyed music provided by Eric Kaposta. Tables were topped with gorgeous centerpieces from Lexis Florist and decked out with nautical swag provided by Cindi.

The Moments

Over 40 unique raffle items were available to the delight of over 100 participants.-

The various charter guests on any given Below Deck franchise tend to, at the very least, heighten the tension among the crew members. Each season, there’s at least one notable set of guests who become memorable for their preference sheets, their standards, or their elaborate off-boat excursions.

On Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, few could have believed that any guests could rival the impact of Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow.

However, when The Bachelor alum Erica Rose Sanders appeared with her mom, silhouette artist Cindi Rose, and six of her friends on the May 17 episode, it soon became clear that the group would go down in Below Deck history.

Though Erica’s past on reality TV is well-documented, Cindi Rose is no stranger to the small screen (or to Bravo) either.

Who is Erica Rose’s mom, Cindi Rose?

Both Cindi and her daughter were born and raised in the Houston area. The mother-daughter duo also grew up competing in the pageant circuit, and they recently won the Texas Legacy (along with Erica’s two daughters).

According to Cindi’s website, she worked as a silhouette artist in top theme parks like AstroWorld and Disneyland, which helped her to pay for college. She graduated from the University of Texas, and she went on to continue her silhouette work at Disney World.

Per her site, Cindi cut silhouettes for several top department stores, including Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Dillards, and Saks Fifth Avenue. She still works on her silhouette art, but mainly for parties and for charity and corporate events.

She married a plastic surgeon named Franklin Rose in 1982. The two are parents to Ben Rose and Erica Rose, who are both lawyers

Cindi Rose previously starred on ‘Married to Medicine: Houston.’

Though many viewers were first introduced to Cindi Rose as one of the primary guests on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, she actually first appeared on another Bravo series. Cindi starred on the first season of Married to Medicine: Houston (which is a spin-off of Married to Medicine: Atlanta).

As the wife of plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, Cindi was well-connected to the medical community in Houston, and she had her finger on the pulse of the best charity events in the area. Most of her co-stars were doctors themselves, and Cindi was known as the philanthropist and the socialite of the group.

Cindi’s charter on Below Deck Sailing Yacht has already gotten viewers talking — and she’s still in touch with some of the crew members.

Months after the charter was filmed, Cindi shared on Instagram that she had attended a charity event in Houston with Chef Natasha de Bourg. She noted that the two were close after the show.

“She’s such a sweetie, I love her like a niece!” Cindi wrote in the caption of her May 17 post. “I love her food like manna from heaven…”

Cindi also shared that stewardess Alli Dore “was also a favorite of [hers].”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. – via


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Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Two Houstonians are featured in season two of Bravo’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht this season: silhouette artist Cindi Rose and daughter Erica Rose Sanders, who are no strangers to reality T.V.

The mother-daughter duo, along with six friends, are appearing as charter guests in three episodes of the Bravo show, which chronicles the lives of the below-deck crew of a yacht in Europe (sailing around Croatia this season). Their first appearance came in episode 12, which aired on May 17.