Children’s Silhouettes

Cindi Harwood, a fourth generation artist and paper cutter, began drawing portraits as a child, and doing silhouettes as a teen.  Her mother, Doris, was an architect, and paper cutter of known skills.  Cindi took her talents to both Disney theme parks in order to earn her college degree in fine arts and communications at the University of Texas.  From the beginning, people where amazed at her speed, and unmatched details.  Very few silhouette artists can master the interior cuts, so often they are solid black, and very generic.

In less than a minute, Cindi Rose will snip out you or your loved one’s silhouette just by looking! Children don’t have to sit still, her work is more than flattering.

Historical and contemporary, hand-cut silhouettes on the spot, by Cindi Harwood Rose, make timeless keepsakes. Rose’s work is finely detailed, capturing a real likeness, without the use of a shadow, or pen, or tracing. She does the true art of silhouette cutting freehand, only mastered by a few living silhouette artists, that actually give everyone their real profile, with interior details, and can do groupings of several people together.

Plus, Cindi Harwood Rose, is acclaimed as the top silhouette artist in America.  The silhouette historian, Peggy McClard recommends collecting Cindi Harwood Rose’s silhouettes, they will go up in value, as collectable.  Some of her earlier paper profiles (she has snipped portraits for 40 years) have gone for a few hundred dollars!

Review to see many of the famous silhouettes she has done in person, and her videos on YouTube, especially the one made by American Profile Magazine where Cindi Harwood Rose, was made an American Hero for her silhouettes for cancer survivors through the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation

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