Google Corporate Events featuring Silhouette Art by Cindi!

UPDATED: Google Googled Silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose as their favorite silhouette artist, hiring her to work Google Canada for a VIP corporate events in Ontario Canada in May, at their headquarters in Seattle, Washington in August; and AGAIN in Silicon Valley in October!

“Over the years I have been greatly honored to be invited to entertain and cut my silhouette art keepsakes at corporate events and parties around the United States and the world, most recently I was excited to travel to Google corporate headquarters in Ontario, Canada for a VIP technology event to snip silhouettes for their esteemed speakers and guests.”

Google I/O Extended for Developers Conference Viewing Party – Designed for the Tech Industry; Google hosted developers and Tech Experts in Ontario Google Headquarters. The events were all organized by developer communities that livestreamed Google’s I/O, while also staging workshops, team-building exercises, hackathons, and coding labs to build relationships and practice key skills together. According to Google, the successful event “connects talented developers, giving them the chance to exchange ideas, teach their skills, and acquire new ones.”

UPDATED: Most recently, Cindi was again googled and hired to perform as a silhouette artist at Google’s Silicon Valley Mountain View headquarters in California near the San Francisco Bay Area to celebrate diversity and empowerment, along with their Pixel 2 launch event in October!

Silhouette Artist Seattle, Washington for a google corporate “Sandbox” event in August:

Fun & Food is Flowing at Google in Seattle with Silhouette Artist Cindi

Hire a silhouette artist for your corporate event!

Google Ontario Corporate Event Silhouette Art by Cindi Rose
Google Ontario Corporate Event Silhouette Art by Cindi Rose

When researching to find a silhouette artist you might not know that there is a difference between what your school teacher did tracing a shadow of a reluctant student-and a master silhouette profile, cut with scissors by a real artist who looks directly at the subject to create a likeness.  So how do you choose from the many self-proclaimed artists one may find on a google search?

The artist who is most skilled in silhouette portraits will use sharp scissors and cut out a miniature portrait in eight minutes or less. The faster they are the better they are and the smoother the quality will be! That is how you know quality in a silhouette artist- by speed, details, and accuracy.  Heirloom silhouettes are best cut sized to be framed in 5 x 7 or 4 x 6.  The fun of a silhouette artist at an event is to watch a skilled professional create psychic accurate likenesses of your guests to the tune of 12 to 30 people per hour, depending on how skilled they are (faster are better), or how quickly your crowd moves, or how great the artist’s personality is, to attract a huge crowd around him/her as they work!

The best silhouette artists like Cindi Rose have worked for Disneyland and Disneyworld (and Google!) and are quick as well as experienced. The faster the silhouette artist is, the better they are.  Speed is important for a silhouette artist! Quality is speed in silhouettes! An experienced artist who can cut silhouette art correctly is a dying species!

Silhouette artists are perfect entertainment VIP corporate events, private parties, business events, and celebrations.  They create lasting, treasured gifts that will be cherished by your guests for generations to come.

Cindi works continually, traveling around the United States and the world, can do art illustration, interior details, couples together, and is personable and fun to be around!  These are the traits you need to look for if you want to hire a silhouette artist for your event.  You can contact Cindi for recommendations for other silhouette artists should she not be available for the date of your event.

Cindi Rose, a third generation fine artist, has done silhouettes over 35 years, and is considered the world’s fastest, most accurate premier silhouette artist. Please view Cindi’s videos on Youtube:

Hire Renown Silhouette Artist Cindi for your VIP Corporate event – Cindi loves to travel and would love to come visit & entertain you & your guests in the USA, Canada, and around the world! For more information about Cindi and to hire a silhouette artist for your event information please visit

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