Museum Silhouettes by Cindi Rose

The San Diego Museum of Art in California most recently commissioned silhouette artist Cindi Rose to entertain VIPs for The Museum’s Sundown Series this June with Sculpture & Cocktails—a special edition of Culture & Cocktails celebrating the contemporary sculpture exhibition – Richard Deacon: What You See Is What You Get. Guests enjoyed a night under the stars in an outdoor garden space with an LED game area set among sculptures featured in «Art of the Open Air.» to experience art in a whole new way. Spectacular balloon arrangements adorned the museum (photo) to dazzle the guests! Read more:

Cindi is not a newcomer to the museum scene, having been hosted at many museums in the United States and abroad.  Here are a few of the museums that Cindi has been asked to visit with photos:

The Museum of the City of New York Unveils New Permanent Addition “New York at it’s Core” featuring Silhouettes by Cindi

In March the The Museum of the City of New York’s held an exciting evening of fun and history, perfect for toddlers to tweens and their families. The centerpiece of the evening was themed Alexander Hamilton’s Disco where young guests of the museum grooved to the music from the hit Broadway show Hamilton. At the same time; a scavenger hunt through 400 years of New York City history in the Museum’s new permanent exhibition, New York at Its Core, and visitors enjoyed other family friendly activities including personal silhouettes for guests of the museum were created by silhouette artist Cindi Rose.

“I am always excited to visit New York City where my father was born and I lived with my daughter and my husband years ago- between Madison and Park at 63rd street. I work in NYC as often as I can at least a few times a year – or more – for commissioned engagements, food, fashion, plays, friends, art, and always FUN!”

Blanton Museum of Art features Silhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose

Internationally known silhouette scissors artist Cindi Harwood Rose was feautured a special guest of the Blanton Museum at UT Austin. The famous paper art profile master raved: “I was recently invited to Austin to do silhouettes such as those done in the 19th century, and recreate history for guests and party-goers!

Even in the 1800’s there were not more than 28 true living silhouette artists (same as today) who could look, and cut the profile without a sketch, light, tracing, projector, and with the interior details, and groupings. It is a gift, and any real silhouette artist will tell you they feel the same way!”

Presidential Silhouette Art by Cindi Rose at the Sarah and James Polk Presidential MuseumSilhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose was invited to do silhouettes at both the Sarah and James Polk Presidential Museum in Tennessee and the Thomas Jefferson family reunion at Monticello in Reston, Virginia as a special guest.

What an honor to do silhouettes at our third President’s family reunion – It was overwhelming to be in such a warm environment of intellectual and artistic individuals who stay true to making the world a better place through their careers.  Of note, many of the distinguished family chose lifestyles that promote the fine arts, living with environment conscious design, which is apparent in the lovely setting at Monticello.  It is a destination, and it should be put on your “to visit list.”

The silhouette wall shown (other than the ones I hold which are mine) were done by the Pantograph, which is a machine that took a photo profile, and shrunk it, and a family member than cut the silhouette from that.  It is cheating, but is priceless, due to who she cut silhouettes of, and who they were.  Even in the 1700’s there were not more than 28 true living silhouette artists (same as today) who could look, and cut the profile without a sketch, light, tracing, projector, and with the interior details, and groupings.  It is a gift, and any real silhouette artist will tell you they feel the same way! Of course I brought some of my Vintage French silhouette paper, that is over 50 years old, that I purchased in bulk 30 years ago, not made anymore! I felt very connected with a family history of architects, engineers, artists, lawyers, doctors, good people trying to help others, doing causes to make the world better.”

Sarah Polk’s music book, used when she was 14 years old, shown above, on display at Polk Presidential Hall’s exhibit “Sarah Polk: First Lady of Fashion.” “It is not known if the hand-inked book, dated 1818, was created by Sarah Polk or someone else,” curator Tom Price said. “But it does show she was familiar with the song ‘Hail to the Chief,’ pictured on the right-hand page. Interestingly, she began the tradition of using it as the theme song for the President of the United States.” Also pictured is Sarah Polk’s framed silhouette. Silhouettes were very popular in Polk’s day. Read more:

President James Polk Sarah Polk Silhouette Art
President James Polk and Sarah Polk Museum Silhouette Art

ABOUT SILHOUETTE SCISSORS ARTIST CINDI ROSE: Harwood Rose, is a graduate of University of Texas in Austin in fine art and communications and did her amazing art for both Disney theme parks, Six Flags, Astroworld, Unlike caricature artists or other people who can only do 12 people per hour, she can do 40 profile free-hand profiles with full details and accuracy in an hour– she does the lost French art of looking and cutting out the profile, and as mentioned (look up fastest silhouette artist in the world), she made a world speed record, and has done many celebrities. Cindi Rose has over 30 years experience, and is a fourth generation fine artist.

Rose, who can be viewed on and watched on YouTube, or followed on Facebook and is available to hire a silhouette artist to entertain at your historic, prestigious events such as The Smithsonian, elaborate weddings of all cultures, educational fund-raisers, and celebrity Hollywood “it list” weddings and gifting suites.

Specialties: Natural organic home-made skin care, cooking food, and preparing raw foods, all art mediums, including sculpture, bronze, oils, found objects, collage, watercolor, and applying these mediums on hand-cut paper arts. Cindi Rose is available for hire to do silhouettes at your weddings, corporate business meetings, and in-store events.

The country’s top authority on collectible silhouettes, Peggy McClard, recommends collecting Rose’s art. Her earliest ones have sold for hundreds of dollars.

To learn more about Cindi’s art and to hire a silhouette artist to perform for your museum event or party please visit her website