Silhouettes by Cindi for Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

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Meet the World’s Fastest, Most Skilled, and Most Renown Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose

With a great selection of toys & gifts for children of all ages, enjoy great Mother’s Day gift shopping and watch the amazingly talented and world-famous Cindi Rose create a likeness of your child in minutes that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Foremost silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose will be available to capture you and your loved ones in her heirloom silhouette artwork, check out her schedule for the date and location most convenient for you:

Thread Houston

249 W 19th St, Ste C

Houston, Texas, TX 77008

Friday, May 5: 2pm- 5pm

Saturday, May 6: Noon – 2pm

Haute Mommies and Bella Babies

913 Hardesty Avenue Suite A

Seabrook, Texas, TX 77586

Saturday, May 13: Noon – 3pm


RSVP at your favorite location in Houston or Seabrook to reserve your spot!

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your child’s Silhouette created by the amazingly talented, Cindi Rose. This is a perfect and unique gift for mom, grandparents and a cherished family keepsake.

Cindi’s hand cut profiles take two minutes and last forever.  C. H. Rose is the world’s fastest and most accurate silhouettest with intricate details. Children do not have to sit still. Cindi can capture wiggly children and adults, fixing hair and double chins as requested.

This is also a great idea for engaged couples to have their silhouettes done together, for a family heirloom!

Price for the silhouettes- $35 for the original and $10 each additional copy. Cindi is able to do more than one child at a time or each child separately, your choice. The silhouette will be matted and framed while you wait, so you are able to take it with you. Frames range in price from around $14 to $35.

Appointments requested as the day fills up!

Watch the Silhouette Video!

We are excited to feature the fastest and most accurate silhouette artist in the history of the world– Cindi Harwood Rose, whose work is unmatched in accuracy and detail.

ABOUT SILHOUETTE ARTIST CINDI HARWOOD ROSE: Cindi and her husband’s parents were born in New York, Brooklyn area, and she lived with her husband in New York City. She is also a great entertainer, having worked for both US Disney theme parks, having starred in theater plays, and speaking parts in movies. When she is hired, not only does everyone get a lasting heirloom museum-quality silhouette made, they are entertained by her remarkable personality, and intuitive psychic ability and life coach skills, bringing out their most positive and flattering self to empower them forever. No one in the history of the world has equaled her speed, for a world record timed by Hearst Publishing she did 144 quick hand-cut silhouettes in one hour. These left off her amazing details of pearls, earrings, neck-ties, cigars, wine glasses, clothing patterns, that she will include in party silhouettes.

Cindi Rose’s work is so detailed, that even speed cutting silhouette art she kept in eyelashes, and eyeglasses, hats. . . . at most events she can safely do 30 silhouettes per hour, and more if you hire someone to assist in the pasting of the silhouettes on cardstock you provide with your logo, or wedding theme, or the 5 x 7 acid free ones she provides along with Disneyworld frames when requested.

Cindi Harwood Rose began drawing portraits at 8, and by 16, a Disneyland art manager hired her to draw portraits in the park. When she saw a silhouette artist who could hand-cut a profile in minutes without a sketch she fell in love with this rare art. However, she did not think he was that good, so she boldly said, “I can do that”. Putting her to the test, she was handed sharp, long scissors, think black paper and was asked to hand-draw with scissors the art manager on the spot. She did it as best she could in minutes. The park manager was so pleased with her work, she was immediately hired to be the silhouette artist for the Disney concession at Astroworld in Houston, as well as to work summers and school vacations at Disneyland, California. Cindi did this throughout high school and college, and upon her graduation with a fine arts and journalism degree, she went to work as the silhouette artist in Florida for Disneyworld, Florida. Afterwards, she ventured on her own and became a staff member of a prestigious newspaper, The Houston Post, combining her art and journalism skills in advertising, cutting silhouettes on the side to afford such a nice journalism job. Her silhouette artwork was such in demand, she found herself working all over the United States, Europe and South America for business conventions, private parties, corporate events, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and school fundraisers. During the holidays she would do silhouettes for Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman -Marcus, Macys, Bergdorf-Goodman, Kaufman’s in Pittsburgh, and other unique department stores and boutiques, offering them a great store attraction, increased sales, and a percent of her sales.

Her list of celebrities done in person include: President George W. Bush, Barbra Bush, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Liberace, Mickey Rooney, Ashley Judd, her own daughter from The Bachelor Erica Rose, Trista Sutter, Dr. Phil, Lisa Ling, Elvis Costello, Michael Dell, Elvis Pressley, Mama Cass, Queen Elizabeth, Zac Posen, Chris Harrison (again from The Bachelor), Sammy Davis, Tony Bennett, Isaak Pearlman, and many others. Since Cindi Rose mingles in these groups, she is comfortable in all situations, and in all walks of life. She is just as happy to go to a down-home school fundraiser, rustic wedding, or a high-powered business event. Her double major in fine arts and communications from University of Texas in Austin, makes her artwork and her, a great ice breaker in all events. Cindi can even memorize lines or information about your company, should you need her to be knowledgeable about your background, as she has also been a spokesperson in over 200 local and national TV commercials, and is not opposed to place in your sales message as she amazes people with her natural talents. She is also happy to just be in the background, making your wedding special, giving two silhouettes, one for each guest, and one for a guest book for the bride and groom to treasure forever. Please view her videos on YouTube and her website at We are thrilled to offer you the best in nation who will travel to any country or place to offer her hand-cut treasures of miniature, collectible silhouette profile arts.

Cost is $35 per person, Extra copies are just $10 per person.

Cindi Rose, a third generation fine artist, has done silhouettes over 35 years, and is considered the world’s fastest, most accurate premier silhouette artist. Please view Cindi’s videos on Youtube:

For more information about Cindi and to hire a silhouette artist for your event information please visit