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videos silhouette-secrets-cindi-harwood-roseCindi recently paired up with fellow European silhouette artist,Charles Burns to produce a full-feature documentary film called “Silhouette Secrets.”

The film takes viewers on a journey of the historic art, it’s surprising ties to magic, ending in a dramatic competition between Cindi and Charles to see who is the fastest silhouette artist in the world. Cindi won that one! The docu-film has been racking up awards at film festivals all over the world, including winning prizes in Houston, London, Marbella and Jakarta.


Here is a sneak peak at the film’s trailer.


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Cindi Harwood Rose’s silhouette art paperscapes, choreographed by 002 Magazine’s , creative,editor, Carla Valencia and photographed by, award- winning artist, Cody Bess. This is the coolest video! Watch Cindi Rose’s silhouette museum art fantasy world produced with the artistry of Cody Bess. This is how a top creative team collaborated to incorporate an exquisite model into C. Harwood Rose’s visionary silhouette art scapes, making an old-fashioned art hot, new, and modern.


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