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Hire wedding silhouette artist Cindi Rose for your engagement party and wedding reception, and entertain your guests while you give them each a historical keepsake! As a weddings silhouette artist, Cindi feels blessed to have been given this wonderful gift of being able to capture the likeness of loved ones in minutes.

She offers the bride and groom lovely oval picture frames of their silhouettes facing one another, as a wedding gift from the premier silhouette artist.
She offers the bride and groom lovely oval picture frames of their silhouettes, as a wedding gift from the premier silhouette artist.

Many people live an entire life and have not met one of the less than 38 real silhouette artists in the entire world. One silhouette artist Cindi Harwood, claims there were only 13 when she started. By, the way, that is me, and now I am Cindi Rose, silhouette artist for weddings! My father was an attorney, and great speaker, which allows me to be able to communicate with others (think stage, film, TV, commercials and reality TV). My mother was a portrait artist and paper cutter, and architectural designer. The talent just came to me, as it did to many other fine silhouette artists. At the wedding, we normally work from a table, and two or three chairs, and a waste basket.

We use our eyes to see the profile, so none of us like to work in the dark. Some silhouette artists travel with a lamp to assure the area is not dark. I carry silhouette samples, and normally have pre-cut the bride and groom, and display that on my table. Often the whole wedding theme is silhouette art of the bride and groom. I have gone further and have made silhouette table cloths, and silhouette hankies, silhouette cookie cutters, and napkins.

Engagement Party Silhouettes!
Engagement Party Silhouettes!

Depending on the artist’s speed, they cut from 12 to 20 profiles per hour. I can do 30 to 50, depending on if I have an assistant with me to help paste. We always make the engagement party and wedding reception great, and keep all guests happy. It is entertainment and a gift. I try not to talk about myself, as everyone wants to know “how did you learn that.” The answer is I never did learn it. I just did it! I first could draw portraits and was hired to do that for a Walt Disney theme park owner in an amusement park. After seeing the magical talent of a silhouette artist, I anxiously asked if I could try this skill. My first attempt to cut a silhouette gave me the job, Disneyland Silhouette Artist, on Main Street in California, and at Astroworld, in Houston, Texas. For a teenager, this was better than the best date at the prom. On your wedding day, your silhouette artist, will come with an open heart, surgical scissors, and often a guest book to place a second copy of each silhouette they cut, signed by the guests for you to keep. They will have pretty clear bags to give your guests to carry their own silhouettes, or string them on the wall from a clothes line, or from ribbons to add charm to your lovely wedding reception. To hire me for your silhouette wedding in Washington DC, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Denver, Aspen, California, New York or anywhere around the world, kindly send an email to

Cindi started a new trend with her Heirloom Silhouette Weddings! Her silhouette artwork is not the generic style you may find that does not contain details, or is computer generated or drawn first, then, cut. These are delicate heirlooms and keepsakes! Cindi, a natural born artist, merely looks at you, and does not sketch, she cuts the profile directly out of thin black paper, then mounts it on acid free cardstock, signing each piece.

“It was wonderful, to visit Carmel, California, as a working vacation,” Cindi admitted. She said her husband Franklin Rose played golf at The Inn at Spanish Bay, while she cut wedding silhouettes for the wedding reception party. Cindi did two silhouettes of each guest, and of course, the bride and groom, one for everyone to keep, and one for a guest book signed by each guest for the newlyweds to cherish forever!  She brought her own camera and captured a few shots to share with the many who tie the knot for bliss ever after. . . silhouettes by the sea, and by C. H. Rose!  Cindi will come to you, in Dallas, NYC New York, Denver, Los Angeles, Washington DC & more – hire her for your wedding or event, Cindi has scissors & will travel to you!