Worlds Fastest Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose featured on ABC News

Worlds Fastest Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose featured recently on ABC News view the original story in it’s entirety: ‘video removed’

In less than a minute, Cindi Rose, hands out a news reporter’s paper profile, and talks about having cut silhouettes for both Disneyland and Disneyworld. For Cindi, the art is a passion, and a gift.  There are a few silhouette artists in the world, who can properly do the art well.  It is a lost art, and for this art, speed counts.  Wiggly children just won’t sit still, and Cindi Rose moves to the child and captures every detail.  Cindi is especially popular cutting silhouettes at weddings, in children’s and toy stores, at charity, corporate and business events, and for school fundraisers.  She is an ambassador for the diverse city of Houston to promote local business owners and the Houston medical, art and cultural scene.

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